VA25 Fixed Wing VTOL Drone

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    Fly at will

    A long-endurance and VTOL unmanned aircraft.

    About va25

    VA25 is a VTOL (vertical take off and landing) UAV platform with highly reliable power system and locking propeller design which greatly prolong the flight time and increase the safety and stability of UAV. It helps accomplish tasks you may require.

    The locking propeller design

    The propellers will not swing even in the powerful wind, which significantly improves the overall flight efficiency.

    High Performance

    Up to 210 mins endurance, IP55, and cruising speed is on average 80-90 km/h.

    flight time 210 min, average cruising speed 80-90 km/h.

    Convenient design

    Designed for quick assembly and disassembly, which is easy to complete in 3 minutes.

    •  quick assembly
    •  quick disassembly

    High efficiency customized
    power system

    The customized T-MOTOR propulsion system provides higher efficiency, safer and more reliable flight for long endurance flight.

    Diverse payloads

    You can choose different payload according to the actual missions including fulfillment of multiple task requirements.

    Optional RTF recommendation

    VA25 is compatible with multiple flight controls to bring you an optional RTF flight experience.

    • VA25


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      Pixhawk Cube Orange*1

    • Here 3

      Here 3*1

    • H16


    • ARES 6S 30000mah battery

      ARES 6S 30000mah battery *2

    • VA25


    • Cuav X7 pro

      Cuav X7+ pro*1

    • Neo V3 pro

      Neo V3 pro*1

    • H16


    • ARES 6S 30000mah battery

      ARES 6S 30000mah battery *2

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