Efficient drone powertrain

This channel aims to provide the best price for drone wholesale/ distributors/ trading companies who have entire powertrain requirements, combining the T-MOTOR's propulsion system: Motors, ESCs, Propellers and T-DRONES' Batteries, here you can get exclusive service for bulk orders as well as the OEM customization.

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What T-MOTOR got are

More efficient

T-MOTOR 13+ years of experience in industrial drone powertrain systems, in this channel you can find your drone propulsion,

your bulk demand is the direction of our ambition.

Alpha60A 12S


Ares 6S 30000mah

U8Ⅱ Lite KV100

  • Flight Time: 30 mins

    Other Powertrain System

  • Our Drone Powertrain: Hexacopter Flight

    Take-off Weight: 18kg

    Flight Time: 50 mins

  • 10
  • 20
  • 30
  • 40
  • 50
  • Other Powertrain System: Flight Time 30 mins

  • Our Drone Powertrain: Hexacopter Flight, Take-off Weight: 18kg, Flight Time: 50 mins

  • Flight Time (Mins)

UAV propulsion system

We provide a quotation for a complete drone powertrain system.

Antigravity Series
U Series
P Series
MN Series
V Series
G Series
P Series
AF Series
MF Series
Brushless Motor(BLDC MOTOR)
Power Range: 0-45KW Max
Thrust: 0-160Kg+
Batteries Range
Ares Series
Mode: 6S/12S
Capacity: 16Ah/22Ah/27Ah/30Ah/
Smart Series: 4S 30Ah/6S 22Ah
Electric Speed Controller(ESC)
Control Method: FOC & BLDC
Carbon Fibre Propeller
Diameter Range: 10-62Inch
Feature: Straight & Foldable
Improvement: CFD Optimized
Agriculture Drone
Defense Drone
Enterprise Drone
Military Drone
Mapping Drone
Security Drone
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