High Endurance Drone Motor

T-MOTOR has occupied a significant drone propulsion market share through quality and customized services. According to the needs of customers, this channel can provide the optimal UAV propulsion system solution and special discounts.

What Drone Motors We Provide

T-MOTOR manufactures various BLDC Drone motor, Power range: 0-45KW, Thrust per single motor: 0-160kg+.

Star Hot Selling Drone Motors

U8Ⅱ - For Various Industrial Drones Project

As one of our most efficient drone motors, U8Ⅱ is most used for high endurance drone with longer flight time in mapping, surveillance, delivery and photography, etc.
Providing 3.5kg hovering thrust, 8.7kg max. Thrust 13.5g/w max. Efficiency.

U15Ⅱ - For Freight Transport and Manned UAV Project

It is the one of our most popular big motor designed for 180kg x8, 150kg hexacopter, 200kg octocopter.
Providing 25kg hovering thrust, 63kg max. thrust 16kw max. power.

V10L - Designed for VTOL Power System

With 20kg explosion thrust when taking off, v10l kv170 is almost used in heavy cargo delivery VTOL. Propeller locking technology in cruising what we provide is to solve the efficiency loss because of propellers swayingly in wind.
Proving 22kg thrust at 80% throttle, 31.7kg max. thrust 9kw max. power.


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Drone Motor Applications

OEM Services

We provide product performance customization services according to your thrust, efficiency, torque, current, ip grade and voltage, etc. For motor profile customization services, we provide logo, motor sell, wire length and connectors according to your needs.

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