Long Endurance Multirotor Drone

T-DRONES, a professional industrial drone manufacturer.Exquisite design and collocation, make the uav flight time and load achieve the ideal state.

What Multirotor Drone We Provide

According to different applications and requirements of customers, to choose the perfect drone.

Star Hot Selling Multirotor Drone

M690Pro - Long Endurance and Multi-Functional Drone

The M690PRO allows for quick assembly and disassembly, as well as a portable backpack. When needed, it can react quickly and perform missions.
Provide 40mins flight time with 2kg payload.

M1500 - The Preferred Drone for a Larger Payload

M1500 focuses on logistics and transportation. the machine weighs 18 kilograms and can carry 15 kilograms of cargo. and its protection performance can reach IP55.

MX860 - High Safety Performance and a Good Payload

The MX860 has a very high safety performance and a max payload of 9kg. It can play a key role in rescue and transportation.

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Multirotor Drone Applications

T-DRONES UAV comes with a flexible connector and multiple optional power supply ports for better compatibility with more devices for different demands.

OEM Service

T-DRONES has very powerful hardware customization capabilities. From drones to all kinds of compatible accessories that customers need. Through accurate painting and professional testing, we can complete various customized requirements of customers.

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